My husband and I had our first child in April and we had an absolutely wonderful (and fast) natural birth. We credit this in large part to Mandi’s Bradley class. Upon recommendation of a friend, I contacted Mandi early on in my pregnancy to sign up for the class . At the time, I was suffering from terrible morning sickness and Mandi was an immediate source of knowledge and support. We got so much out of the classes. He wanted to be very involved with the birth and we learned techniques from Mandi that enabled him to be a full participant, not just an ob server. The pregnancy exercises undoubtedly prepared my body and optimally positioned the baby. Knowing more about what to expect in the different phases of labor served to help me stay calm and focused when the big day arrived. Being aware of the different interventions and their potential side effects allowed my husband and I to make informed decisions about what was right for us and our baby. It was also really fun to meet so many other couples and share our experiences. We are so grateful for this amazing recourse!

Olivia and David