As second time parents, people were surprised to hear we were taking an eight-week childbirth class. “You did
this before, right? Did you forget how to push?” they joked. But having taken the hospital class the first time
around and having had one birth experience already, we knew there was so much more to learn to help us
have an empowered, natural birth experience. So I sought out something more comprehensive and my midwife
recommended Mandi’s classes. I’m so glad she did!
Mandi was a tremendous resource. Her classes covered all the nuts and bolts that first-time parents need to
know, but also labor positions and partner assisted techniques that even veteran parents like ourselves could
learn from. She was realistic and never preachy about having a natural birth; all kinds of interventions were
covered and there was never any judgment about deciding to use an epidural, etc. We felt prepared and
informed about all our options, no matter how the birth might progress. In the end, we had the amazing birth
we had hoped for without any pain medication. The positions and relaxation techniques from the class really
helped. My husband and I would highly recommend the classes to any expecting parents, whether this is your
first baby or not.

Kelly and Mark