The classes were better than I could have imagined. Mandi instilled a feeling of joy in the process. We feel extremely prepared. The classes helped me get a much better sense of what my wife is experiencing at every stage. I was impressed learning about the ability to relax and possibly sleep or rest through early labor. The videos of natural births were inspiring.

Mandi had some fun homemade learning tools.  She brought the latest articles and encouraged students to share studies that they’d found. She lives for teaching about birth and often stayed afterwards for any private questions, discussions and to make sure everything was ok. We were made to feel that we could contact her at any time. I really enjoyed hearing Mandi’s and other couples’ birth stories. Its one thing to read a book but better to hear and see the couples and their new babies.

Thank you Mandi. I am a doctor with experience in OB but I have never witnessed a natural birth. Thanks to your teaching, we gad one of the most amazing experiences of our lives.

J. S,