I had known Mandi from our homeschool group after I had already had my first two children.  When my husband and I learned our family would be adding one more, I was pretty intent on finding another method of preparing for this birth, since I wanted to avoid an epidural at all cost (I hate needles), but also find a way to stop screaming through hard labor.
The first two times we took the typical childbirth classes at the hospital. As much as we appreciated the information,  nothing existed in making sense when things got intense. I resorted to screaming and swearing and was totally aware and embarrassed that I was one of, “those,” delivering moms who couldn’t control herself.

I was determined to do whatever I could to learn how to tap into a deeper level of working with my body to bring this newest life into the world.

I heard about the Bradley Method of Childbirth and looked online for more information and was shocked and excited to see Mandi was the instructor for our area!

The class was amazing and although a lot was similar to the hospital class, I realized that we were given only a brief overview, truly being cheated out of the true techniques that will get you through labor better than you ever thought it would.
Over the course of the 12 weeks, my husband and I really got to digest varies key points and ways to manage pain of childbirth. It’s so much more than sitting on a birthing ball getting your back rubbed!

With what we learned in these 12 weeks of class, we were able to feel more confident in choices that we needed to make, more familiar medically speaking, so both my husband and I felt more knowledgeable instead of just trusting the staff.
We were well trained to the cues my body would provide for me and I walked into my 3rd induction truly ready.

I not only survived this birth without a ton of screaming, I laughed through the hardest parts of labor, zoned out to music and had my birth team all on hand, all on board.

It’s been just shy of 3 years now, since my youngest arrived, yet the tips and education I received in preparation for her arrival has lasted and is still with me. There are things you take from Mandi’s classes that impact you for a lifetime. You walk away with a fantastic education about your body and how amazing it is, you learn coping techniques that you use even if you never deliver another baby! You walk away with a new friend who cares for you and is there for you if you need her.
Mandi has a gift and love for new life and I hope others will continue to be blessed by what she has to share. You will not regret taking this course, whether you deliver naturally, by c-section or even if you opt for that epidural. The techniques apply to everyone and you will not be disappointed. 🙂 I wish I had taken the course the first time around!