My husband and I loved attending our childbirth classes with Mandi. The setting was so intimate, with only two other couples besides ourselves. It really allowed for openness in sharing during our discussions. Mandi is an excellent teacher, answering all questions, inside and outside of class, during pregnancy and after the baby is born. Mandi was even so full of care for us, that she visited our home after our first child was born! We entered labor and delivery knowing what to expect, feeling equipped and empowered to take this birth on with confidence. My husband especially appreciated learning so much about the whole process and it really allowed him to feel involved in my pregnancy. He turned out to be an excellent coach during labor! We highly recommend working with Mandi to everyone we know. The Bradley Method is a great way to go if you are seeking a natural and unassisted childbirth. You will not regret your time spent with Mandi preparing for perhaps the most amazing event of your life! 


Kirsten McLaughlin